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About the Project

Vertex Funding works with private lenders and investors to connect business owners to the debt-equity and merges & acquisitions they are searching for. Owner, Logan Wood, came to Stratifi Creative with a company that did not even have a name yet! As a part of the branding, we established everything from the company name, tagline, mission and vision to the logo, splash page and print materials. As the company grows, we will be assisting them in launching a full website and further developing any materials needed.

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Vertex Funding Branding Package
Vertex Funding Branding Package Stationary Card
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What our clients are saying

I’m really impressed with our site and cannot thank Marie and her team enough for helping us get all of our branding together... I’ve already had a prospect say ‘I can tell by your website you guys know what you’re doing and I’d love to work with you if you’ll take me.’ (This never happens as we typically have to sell them). I think this speaks to Marie and her team’s work.”
Logan A. Wood, Vertex Funding