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About the Project

Kuai Asian Kitchen is one of our long-standing clients. Striving for the trifecta of quick, affordable, and high quality, Kuai offers guilt-free twists on Asian cuisine in a bright, zen environment. In 2016 we completed a full rebrand, and since then we’ve continued to serve their design, social, email, and SMS marketing needs.

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Case Study - Background

Over time, we discovered a need: an underpromoted loyalty program that was set up outside of our team and offered through a third-party platform. This program was only found on Kuai's Point of Sales screen.

Upon reviewing the data we discovered that loyalty members spend 40% more than non-loyalty members, which made up 20% of Kuai's monthly sales, making it a no-brainer to brand and promote this program. We went into this project with the goal of improving the program to further compel signups, and encourage customers to earn and save points, all while concurrently increasing sales.

We drove awareness for Kuai Rewards through a variety of channels:

  • In-store signage and displays
  • Social media posts and link tree
  • Email marketing
Loyalty Program
Kuai Table Tent Mockup
Kuai Loyalty Poster mockup

Case Study - Results

In the short time since rebranding the program, we have been able to increase the percentage of sales made by the loyalty customers from 20% to 25% in just a few short months after our campaign launched. Likewise, we saw an increase in spending from loyalty customers, who went from spending 35% more than a non-loyalty member, to 48% more in June of 2022.

To further support loyalty signups, we are planning for an App launch and integration to a more friction-free ordering journey to more easily earn, track and redeem rewards.

Loyalty Program
December Metrics infographic Kuai loyalty
June Metrics infographic Kuai loyalty