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About the Project

Adding catering to their services, we collaborated with Genghis Grill to design a trifold menu that perfectly illustrated their unique and delicious options. Menu designs pose the unique challenge of organizing large amounts of copy in a way that is both visually appealing and easy for readers to navigate. The final result is a well-organized menu that pulls in brand elements and imagery that creates a positive experience for those looking to have Genghis Grill cater their next event.

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Genghis Grill Catering Catering Menu
Genghis Grill Catering Catering Sticker
Catering Tray of Food
Genghis Grill Catering Food

What our clients are saying

Because of Stratifi, we went from a very reactionary place because of COVID, to being proactive and leading the way with the best-in-class interactive digital menu they concepted and rapidly produced for us.
Doug Willmarth CMO, Genghis Grill