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Doyle’s Outpost Digital Initiative

About the Project

Doyle’s Outpost, a restaurant and arcade based in Alexandria, Virginia, came to us needing to increase their sales and build brand awareness. We got to work by redesigning and optimizing the site, resulting in an immediate increase of organic traffic. After the launch of the site, we began a digital marketing campaign focused on SEO, Google Ads, and Social Ads.

Check out the stats below to see how Stratifi increased their site traffic, lowered their ad costs, and improved overall party bookings and sales. The site is continuing to see more growth each day, and if you ask us, we think it looks pretty great too!

Site Mock up for Doyle's Outpost

Website Redesign & SEO Strategy

Through the Doyle's project, we've seen three increases in their site traffic due to our efforts.

  1. We resolved an issue with the old site.
  2.  We launched a new site focused on site health and keywords.
  3. We began on-page SEO implementation.

After the beginning of on-page SEO implementation:

  • organic traffic increased by 31%.
  • the number of ranking keywords increased by 163%.
  • daily site traffic grew to 407%
Successful SEO Campaign for Doyle'sSuccessful increase of organic keywords
Site Mock up for Doyle's Outpost

Google Ads Strategy

Our team worked with the client to identify 3 target personas for ads, based on the goals of the ad program. Each persona was defined and a strategy was developed to target each audience on the relevant platforms.

Prior to launching the new strategic ad campaign with Stratifi, the client had been running Google Ads. With a very small increase to the existing budget (increase of 8%), there was a dramatic increase in both clicks and impressions with the new ad campaign.

We ran a successful ads campaign for Doyle's Outpost

Average Cost Per Click was lowered by 59%

The conversion rate was increased by 150%

Social Ads Campaign

Using the identified personas, audiences were created using detailed targeting on social media. Over 90 days, this had a reach of 25,883 and 695 link clicks.
Example of video ad for Doyles