Marie with Illustrations

Marie Linnevonberg

Creative Director

As Creative Director of Stratifi Creative, Marie Linne von Berg founded the agency to tell business’ stories and create meaningful customer experiences through creativity, innovation, and technology in order to promote conscious companies and elevate their growth. While serving clients, Marie discovered a passion for building a team, empowering young creatives, developing positive work culture, and leading with a servant’s heart.

Marie double majored in Creative Advertising and Strategic Advertising, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She started the company in 2013 as a freelancer. Her drive to widen her impact for clients led to the decision to hire; and she continues to expand with the help of an incredibly talented team.

World Traveler. Wannabe Foodie. Fitness Fanatic. Passionate Creative. Servant Leader.

Living by the motto “Dare Greatly”.

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Small Dog
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