Madison With Illustrations

Madison DuRant

Junior Designer

One of the newest additions to the team, Madison is enthusiastic about all things design. She received her BFA in graphic design from the University of South Alabama, learning from and interning for Diane Gibbs, host of the Design Recharge podcast for creatives. Illustration and branding are where she is most passionate, but web design is not far behind. As junior designer at Stratifi, Madison takes creative direction from other team members to aide in creating work that exceeds client expectations.

pawffice mates.

Madison’s first pet is Daizy, a senior Shorkie with a youthful spirit and a small dog complex. Her likes are food, people, and walks; dislikes include getting a bath and not getting table scraps. Madison also has two feathered children! The first is Cricket, a yellow-sided green cheeked conure. Some of his favorite things are blueberries, head scratches, and ice baths. The newest addition to the family is Ducky, a black capped conure whose calm balances out Cricket's crazy. She enjoys cuddling with Cricket, sunflower seeds and baths.
Small Dog