Social Media: A Hidden Return On Investment

November 1, 2022

When it comes to Social Media Return on Investment (ROI), many business owners fail to see the value of posting consistently. They argue that no matter how much they post, they aren’t seeing results in the form of actual sales. This is because the ROI of social media can be kind of ‘secret’ and can often go unnoticed. In order to truly understand the benefit of these platforms, we need to uncover this secret and bust some myths about what results really look like.

Social Media Return on Investment is not found in likes, comments, or DMs.

Although receiving likes and comments may be exciting, as a business owner, you are looking for sales. Can the number of likes or comments you receive impact your sales? According to Forbes, Social media “is much easier to evaluate when you know what to value and how to assess your results… it’s all about winning and measuring the greatest business resource of all: The ability to get and stay Top of Mind.” Placing your brand at the forefront of followers minds and keeping it there is a vital tool that results in social media success — sales. Insights like saves, comments, and likes are helpful to gauge the type of content your followers like, but these are just clues to whether or not your brand is being seen and staying memorable.

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What does it mean for brand to be ‘Top of Mind’?

Consistently posting and showing up on clients’ feeds means your brand is not forgotten. You are boosting your SEO, establishing yourself as a reputable business, and providing value to your audience. This value that you continuously provide is essential to creating a memorable brand that stands out from the social noise. The more your followers can relate to, learn from, or simply enjoy your content, the more likely they are to engage with it. As a result, you show up more often in their feed and others’ feeds. This increase in brand awareness is very beneficial and leads to sales down the road.

Why is Social Media Return on Investment (ROI) so secretive?

It is not easy to track if a brand is staying ‘top of mind’ for your ideal audience. How do you know if followers think about you or talk about you? You can not guarantee that new clients will use social platforms to send a DM asking to work with you after seeing your latest post. But when a need arises, they are more likely to remember your services and look up your info. Additionally, they may even recommend you to a friend. Their method of contact–phone, email, or website–does not indicate whether or not social media played a role. Social media plays a part in your sales without you even realizing it.

For example, someone following a restaurant/arcade brand, like our client Doyle’s Outpost, might not come in for the deal they saw posted on Instagram. But when they’re planning their kid’s party a month later, they are more likely to sign onto the website to book because they’ve seen and remembered you from the social content you’ve consistently communicated. There’s no foolproof way to prove that this lead came from social media. Even the customer may not be aware of why they thought of you. This is the secret ROI of social media.

How to use social media and digital advertising to stay ‘Top of Mind’?

Staying ‘top of mind’ is the most important role you can play as you continue your journey online. The best way to maintain this status is to post consistently. Come up with a posting schedule and stick to it, use insights to better understand what content resonates best with your following, and research and take advantage of relevant trends. After you have a solid, consistent presence, consider scaling your efforts with trackable ads. Turn your social platforms into lead generators. Attract cold leads, retain and retarget warm leads, and build lead funnels to close deals and increase sales. If the posting, sharing, and researching seems overwhelming or if you’re ready to take your posting to the next level, contact Stratifi Creative to increase the effectiveness of your social efforts!

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