How to Reuse Your Content Across Platforms

November 1, 2023
Marie Linnevonberg repurposing content for Stratifi

Content creation is a vital aspect of any digital marketing strategy. However, continuously producing new content can be time-consuming and often expensive. Fortunately, repurposing and reusing your content allows businesses to maximize their efforts, reach new audiences, and bolster their brand presence. Here’s how to reuse your content giving it a second life.

1. Start with a topic.

At Stratifi, our primary concern is delivering value to our customers. So, the first step in our content creation process is to identify what information would benefit them most. Once we zero in on a specific topic or aspect, we brainstorm the multitude of ways to convey that information.

2. Develop blogs to cover the subtopics.

Dive into Subtopics: For your blog, instead of tackling a vast subject in one go, consider dissecting it into its subtopics. Develop individual blog posts that zero in on specific aspects. Not only does this provide a more detailed perspective for your readers, but these focused articles also set the stage for a variety of repurposed content. You may not cover all the specific aspects immediately, but save those subtopics for a later time when you revisit this topic with your audience.

Turn Data into Visuals: If your blog includes valuable data, consider converting that data into infographics or charts, making it easier for readers to digest. Plus, now you’ve created the perfect graphic for a social media post.

2. Craft an email or series of emails

Series from a Single Post: A comprehensive blog post can be turned into a series of emails, delivered as a drip campaign to nurture leads over time.

Blog Post Overview: Send an email that summarizes the blog post and points readers to the article to learn more.

Newsletters: Combine snippets from multiple blog posts to curate a newsletter. Add a brief intro and conclusion to tie everything together.

3. How to reuse your content for social media

Static or Carousel Posts: Extract key points, quotes, or statistics from your content and turn them into visually appealing social media posts. If you’ve already created a graphic for the blog post, consider reusing that as is or making small changes to optimize it for the specific channel.

BTS Videos: Share the creation process of your content on your story or make it a reel or tiktok. For instance, a quick snapshot of a brainstorming session or a teaser of an upcoming blog post.

Tutorial Videos: Break down a how-to article into smaller steps and create short tutorial videos for each. Depending on what social channels you focus on this could be a live, story, reel, or youtube shorts.

5. Consider avenues for long-form video

Webinars and Workshops: Use your blog content as a basis for a webinar or workshop. Expand on points with live demonstrations or guest speakers.

Interviews: If your content references industry experts or features case studies, consider hosting interviews with those mentioned.

6. Provide additional value through freebies and handouts

Convert actionable content, like ‘how-to’ blogs, into downloadable checklists or templates. Develop materials that you can give away that help your customer achieve their goals.

how to reuse content for a comprehensive marketing strategy

Tips for Successful Content Repurposing:

  1. Identify Evergreen Content: Focus on content that remains relevant over time. This ensures your repurposed content remains valuable to your audience.
  2. Update and Refresh: While repurposing, it’s a good opportunity to update any outdated information, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  3. Tailor to Platform: Always tailor your repurposed content to fit the platform’s style and audience. A social media post’s language and design would differ from an email or blog.
  4. Track and Analyze: Use analytics to track the performance of your repurposed content. This will guide future repurposing efforts.

In conclusion, content repurposing is not just about recycling. It’s about reimagining your content to cater to different audience preferences, platforms, and formats. Find out how to reuse and repurpose your content, so you can amplify your business’ reach without necessarily amplifying your effort.

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