How to Overcome Creative Block:

September 16, 2023
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Owning a small business demands a ceaseless amount of creativity. Whether you’re brainstorming your next marketing campaign, designing a new product, or crafting content, you need that spark. But, what happens when you can’t seem to find it? When you’re staring blankly, wondering where the ideas went? We all have those moments, even as creatives! Let’s delve into the nuances of creative block to understand its roots and how to overcome it. These insights come straight from our creative team who faces these blocks regularly and has discovered pathways around them.

Understanding Creative Block

Creative block, sometimes termed “artist’s block” or “writer’s block,” marks a phase when a person feels they can’t tap into their inherent creativity. It can look like a drought of new ideas, an inability to start or finish tasks, or an overall sense of being stuck.

Common Causes: The reasons behind creative block aren’t universal. They might stem from:

  1. Burnout: Extensive work without adequate breaks.
  2. Fear: Concerns about potential criticism or the looming shadow of failure.
  3. Overthinking: Delving too deeply into minute details.
  4. External Pressures: Striving to meet client expectations or hitting business targets.

Fighting the Block: Tips from a Creative

Nutritious snack to fight creative block

1. Take a Break and Nourish Yourself

Sometimes, the key to reviving creativity is merely stepping away. Your brain frequently uncovers solutions when you’re not consciously grappling with the problem. This could mean taking a short walk outside, engaging with nature, or even grabbing a nutritious snack to refuel your body and mind. Often, a change in environment, combined with a moment of rest, can lead to an unexpected eureka moment.

2. Change Your Scenery and Tune Into Music

A fresh environment acts as a catalyst for new ideas. If you’ve been stationed in your office, consider relocating to a bustling coffee shop or a serene park. Additionally, playing some music can change your mood and inspire creativity. Whether it’s calming classical pieces, uplifting pop, or focus-enhancing lo-fi beats, find what resonates with your creative spirit.

3. Collaborate

Two heads are frequently better than one. Sharing and morphing ideas with another person, be it a team member, friend, or family, can introduce you to new viewpoints. As a remote advertising agency, we have both a messaging platform and a standing meeting room where we pop in and out to bounce ideas off of each other.

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4. Limit Distractions

In today’s interconnected world, a ping or buzz can divert our attention in an instant. Try timeblocking by designating chunks of time to focus on specific tasks. Turn off or close any apps or windows that distract you from that assignment. The Pomodoro method leverages a timer to maximize your productivity in a set amount of time. Give that a try as well to boost your efforts!

5. Seek External Inspiration

Broaden your horizons. A book, a documentary, or even a simple conversation can introduce you to the spark you’ve been missing.

Incorporate Regular Creative Habits

Daily Jotting or Drawing: Dedicate a chunk of your day, even just a few minutes, to write, doodle, or paint. The quality or relevance doesn’t matter; it’s about fostering a habit of consistent creation. Our team loves to exercise their creative skills this way!

Mindfulness and Meditation: There’s a trove of research suggesting that mindfulness can amplify creativity. Fit Mind is one of my personal favorites.

Physical Activity: Engaging in physical activity, even just a brief jog or a series of stretches, can rejuvenate your mind and invite fresh ideas.

Remember: Embrace Failures as Stepping Stones

Don’t be afraid to fail! The gravest mistake is not even attempting. Every hiccup, every stumbling block, can be a lesson leading you to greater success. As a small business owner, remember that it’s the journey that shapes us, and often, our most substantial growth stems from overcoming challenges. You’ve got this!

Every creative individual, artist, author, or entrepreneur, will, at some juncture, be faced with a case of creative block. But this is not a sign of incompetence, but rather a natural phase in the creative cycle. With the right tools and mindset, you’ll be ready to leap over this hurdle and continue crafting remarkable contributions.

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