Establishing a Unique Brand Voice to Stand Out

March 15, 2023
Stratifi Brand Voice Brainstorming

Branding is about creating a unique identity for your product, service, or organization. A key element of this identity is your brand voice: the personality and tone used to communicate with your audience.

Your brand voice should be authentic, consistent, and aligned with your brand mission and vision. It should set you apart from competitors and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

How do you define your unique brand voice and use it to reach your customer? Here are some tips:

Know your target audience.

Understanding who you are trying to reach will help you determine the most effective way to communicate with them. Consider their age, interests, values, and concerns, and tailor your brand voice accordingly.

Getting specific and knowing your niche is vital. Your business provides unique services; therefore, its marketing should cater to a targeted audience. Honing in on the intricacies of your brand and ideal clientele will help you create a strategy for your brand voice and push your business further.

Check out the competition. Looking at other businesses’ social media is a great way to see how they are targeting the audience you desire to reach. You can take notes from what others are doing, but be wary of being a complete copycat. Uniqueness is rewarded.

There is also great value in seeing what is NOT working. If a similar strategy flops for your competitors’ businesses, then it may be time to switch directions.

Define your brand personality.

Is your brand fun and lighthearted, or serious and professional? Are you focused on innovation or tradition? Determine the personality traits that best align with your values and use them to guide your communication style.

Dare to be different. We have already established the importance of honing in on a niche, let’s focus on being unique WITHIN that niche. What makes your business stand out? Why should a client go with your business over others? What makes your company the go-to expert? In an over-saturated market, one of the greatest assets you have is you and your team. Utilizing authenticity is a great way to draw in your audience. You and your team can influence and drive your brand personality. Your clientele should feel a personal connection with your team.

Be Relatable.

Stratifi Creative helping define your Brand Voice

Ensure you are putting out content that’s relatable to your desired audience. Yes, your team is a vital piece of your brand voice and personality, but it’s crucial to consider which aspects are most important to highlight. To attract executive-level business leaders, ensure your brand portrays professionalism and expertise in your field. If you want to bring bold, bright clients to your business, then let that side of you shine! Empathize with your audience and show that you understand their desires and struggles.
Your brand personality must flow through your website, branded materials, and especially social media. Social media platforms offer a consistent space to show your audience who you are regularly. Put out the “vibe” (as the youths say) that you want to receive. Utilize social media to attract people who relate to your business.

Use your brand voice consistently.

Use the same tone and language across all touchpoints, including your website, social media accounts, and any physical materials (e.g., packaging, storefront). A consistent brand voice helps create a cohesive brand identity and ensures your message is communicated consistently to your audience. It makes your brand identity recognizable.

Experiment with your brand voice.

While consistency is important, don’t be afraid to try out varied approaches and see what works best for your business. Test out different tones and language styles and see how your audience responds.

Patience and humility are key here. Watch your strategy in execution and monitor analytics. You may find that you were wrong about what your audience is interested in, and that’s ok! Adjust your plan of action accordingly and move forward.

Your audience will vary from platform to platform, so the content should vary. Utilizing multiple social media platforms is critical and worth the effort to reach a larger audience. Keep the core personality the same, but figure out HOW to present your voice effectively for each platform.

Get feedback from your audience.

Team emphasizing Brand Personality

Gather feedback from your customers about your brand voice to help you fine-tune your approach and ensure that you are communicating effectively. Have a feedback or comment section on your website, use Instagram stories to ask questions, or create Facebook polls to collect valuable insights and boost your social accounts through engagement. For more social insights, check out how social media can impact your ROI

Defining your unique brand voice is essential to building and maintaining a strong brand. By following these tips, you can create a voice that sets you apart from the competition and helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

As we often say: You may already know how to do this, but struggle to find the time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider partnering with a company that can help you narrow down your ideas. They can even optimize your strategy and create a clear brand personality that resonates with customers. Contact us for help or check out more blogs, to discover if we are the right partner for you.

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