Branding: How to Create and Maintain a Strong Brand

March 1, 2023
Branding and Brand Management

Let’s talk about something vital for your business. Branding and Brand Management — we want to tell you about what it is and how to implement incredible brand management.

The Definition:

Branding is the process of creating and maintaining a unique identity for a product, service, or organization. It involves developing a name, logo, tagline, messaging, and an overall visual appearance that distinguishes a company from its competitors.

FedEx Logo
Geico Gecko
Coca-Cola Logo

When looking at the above logos, or just an iconic mascot, your brain likely identified which company these images represented. Why? Because they all have strong branding. These are just a few companies with insanely awesome marketing and visual identities.

Effective branding is essential for any business, large or small. It establishes trust and credibility with customers. It influences consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. With the correct branding and brand management, your business can help consumers understand their needs and recognize you as the solution. Have you ever heard of Liquid Death? They took something as simple as water…. Yes, water… and rebranded it. They redefined the consumer’s wants and needs for water. They rebranded WATER. The founder of Liquid Death, Mike Cessario, created a need where no one thought there would ever be one again and told the world that he would fill that need. You can now drink water, save the environment, and look bada$$ doing it! Liquid Death’s branding communicated to the consumer that they had a new need: To be part of the “in” crowd while partaking in one of the boring and basic essentials of life, drinking water. Their branding is so incredible that they merchandise successfully — merchandise for water. That’s the power of branding, my friends.

How to Manage your Incredible Brand:

So, how do you go about creating and managing a revolutionary brand? Here are some key considerations:

Define your brand’s mission and values.

Your missions and values will serve as the foundation for your branding efforts. Consider what makes your product or service unique and why it matters to your customers. With the example of Liquid Death, narrow down your brand’s purpose as a product. Define your mission, a bigger picture that consumers will want to support. A detailed understanding of your brand and fleshed-out ideation of your brand identity is key before implementation.

Branding and Brand Management. Mission, Vision, Core Value Blocks

Create a strong brand identity.

A brand identity includes developing a memorable name, logo, tagline, and establishing guidelines for your brand representation visually and verbally (e.g. colors, fonts, design styles, tone, and key messages). By doing this, you are fleshing out your brand’s mission and values. What language reflects the mission and vision of your organization? What colors, fonts, and visuals support your core messaging?
Consider hiring an expert to help guide you through the branding process. A creative team like Stratifi Creative can take your ideas, hone them in, and turn them into a physical brand to share with your audience.

Consistency is key.

It’s fundamental to repeatedly communicate your brand’s message and maintain a consistent visual appearance across all touchpoints, including your website, social media accounts, and any physical materials (e.g. packaging, business cards, flyers).
Remain at the forefront of your customer’s minds and ensure that your branding matches across all platforms. Consistency guarantees that your audience can identify your brand before touching your content. If you are utilizing social media (which you should be), post regularly. Not only is timing critical, but a steady stream of content, too. Choose or take images that match your brand’s colors and style. Capture the overall feel that you want to resonate with your audience. Use these images across all platforms to create a cohesive look no matter where the consumer finds you.

Engage with your audience.

Branding and Brand Management. Engaging with Audience

Interacting with your customers and getting their feedback is a crucial aspect of building and maintaining a strong brand. Use social media and other channels to listen to your audience and respond to their needs and concerns.

Again, remain at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Just because your product is shipped or the job is complete, communication should not stop there. Send thank you cards, email blasts, and generate advertising that builds a lasting relationship with your customer. Remind them that you’re there for them. What do you think of when you think of Coca-Cola? Does it bring back a fond memory? Does it make you smile? That first sip makes your soul “happy” sigh. All of those thoughts and feelings are on purpose. Coca-Cola is a clear example of a company that engages its audience and positions itself as a gateway to its consumer’s happiness

Stay true to your brand.

As your business grows and evolves, it’s paramount to remain true to your brand’s mission and values. Avoid making sweeping changes to your branding strategy without careful consideration and planning. Again, consistency is key. The more consistent you are in your marketing and branding, the further you can imprint your brand on your audience’s mind to create recognition and familiarity.

Effective branding brand management requires time, effort, and attention to detail.

But the payoff can be significant in customer loyalty, positive reputation, and overall success. Following these guidelines, you can create and maintain an incredible brand that sets you apart from the competition.

As you consider this, don’t hesitate to contact creative branding and management experts. Having a partner like Stratifi Creative provides you with a team of experts who already know how to implement these guidelines. Find out how we can take your ideas and create a fully formed and recognizable brand!

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